Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not much to say

. . . Other than I got less than a month now before the big wedding. Unfortunately, my bride-to-be has been laid off, so we're in a tight spot at the moment. I know we'll find something, but it's scary jumping into the abyss, so to speak. I'll be in a new home with new responsibilities, looking for a new job.

Don't have much to post here other than I colored the MODOK.

I need more RAM for my computer. :(

Actually, scratch that. I need a new computer. lol

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's March already?

Gosh, so much has happened within two months. I apologize about not posting here more often!

I've been to two conventions in the past month, one in Savannah, one in New York. Met some wonderful people, discovered new job prospects, etc. I'm thankful I was able to make it to these places with someone who has the know-how as to what to do and say there. I basically showed up with my portfolio and business cards and hoped for the best!

We've also ran into a somewhat dire family medical situation, and it's a bit taxing on us all. We'll pull through together, and our friends have never been more supportive! We're truly blessed being within driving distance of some of the most generous and kind people (as well as Duke Medical Center) I know. My sister turns 16 this month, and is scouting colleges for good dance programs. She's very passionate about ballet and musicals, so I hope she finds the right school.

Well, in the art department, things have been sluggish. I have no finished projects to show, but quite a few that I'm working on.

Yeah, that last one threw you off, didn't it?