Friday, July 25, 2008

NY Comic

Really sorry about not posting. I'd like to lie and say I've been real busy, but . . . ah, it's actually been pretty boring here. My roommates are slowly leaving. Soon it will be me and Mardig alone for a month. It's pretty disheartening that most of the people you grew up around and knew for four years are moving on to successful careers . . . especially when you're stuck in Savannah.

Well, I have been fairly productive. I don't want to overload this post with too much art, but I will post my finished final I did for New York.

This project had to be inspired from our trip to New York. I kept having this image pop up of doing some sort of comic that dealt with a large monster parading around NY. Then I wanted to give it a personality and sympathetic quality. Well, it all meshed up into this. Hope you all like this!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NY Sketchbook

I promised to finish the NY post, and I resolved to do just that!

Well . . . er, kind of. I seem to have misplaced my flash drive so instead I'll present some sample pages that I did from my New York trip.

I discovered it can be difficult to locate your hotel when it's your first time in a big city and you have no map. In my defense, the 30 30 Hotel was squeezed the middle of 30th and Park while I was aimlessly looking for the other 30th street. I think I passed by the same hat store at least five times.

Sketches of Times Square. I think this is where I first realized the horrible Photoshop job done on the Wanted movie promo poster.

While I was in utter awe of New York City, Times Square was the least impressive to me. Maybe because I had seen it a million times in TV shows and movies, but I think it reminded me of Las Vegas a bit too much. I like the personal touches of the city, and while Times Square is unique in its own right, it's just too tourist-y for me.

I was hoping I'd have a little art nerd entourage like I did my first night in NY when I went with my roommate Matt and a cool girl named Elena. Instead, I ended up alone wandering the streets for a quick dinner. I ended up at this little Indian restaurant. The owner seemed a bit testy, but the food was good. I loved that the TV was tuned in to Indian news. You just don't see that diversity in Savannah.

As mentioned in this journal, I went with my group to Marvel. I was surprised by how small and cluttered their office was. But they seemed to make the best of it. While meeting the editors was the foundation of our trip, I believe the pinnacle of it was meeting the artists. We spent a whole day with Kikuo Johnson and Paolo Rivera. I spent a lot of time watching Paolo paint because he's one of the few comic artists who practice the medium.

Paolo's blog:
R. Kikuo Johnson's website:

And to explain the drawing below, the Marvel office was compared to a dive bar and DC to a wine bar. The comparisons were just as DC was indeed dolled up quite nicely, and Marvel's office was lacking in design period. (but Marvel's receptionist was a lot more friendlier)