Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Return from NYC

Back from MoCCA Fest '09 and what a convention it was! It was my second convention, and I by far prefer this one over the NY Comic Con. Not to say the NYC Con was run poorly, but MoCCA seemed a lot more open to emerging artists such as myself. I'm still learning Convention Etiquette 101, so I was friendly to as many people as I could be, but I don't think I quite grasped that people traded minis. It's all so new to me!

Sketches from my "Movie Sketchbook" to come up soon! In the meantime, I have exciting news!

1. I got a job! I basically have the same job as my wife (at the same restuarant). I don't know how we're going to work out transportation, but I have a lot more to worry about! Namely loans and car insurance!

2. Not only am I an official South Carolinian resident now, but both me and my wife are now officially Curé Williams (Curé is my wife's maiden name, and it has an interesting backstory that's only two generations old, so I decided to preserve it!) Both of our last names have meanings that are very dear to us, and it seems a shame that one of us would have to give up one of ours. Luckily, marriage is about compromise so we kept both!

3. I am now part of a wonderful group of recent sequential art grads from SCAD (some are still currently students) that have decided to start up an anthology. We're calling it "Break" on account of the theme. You can view the website here.

Here's my promotional postcard for the anthology.

So big MoCCA shoutout to all the wonderful people I met:
- Brendan Burford (a really nice guy our friend Tea introduced me to)
- John Kerschbaum (just became a new fan of his talented work)
- Doug Bratton (quite possibly the new Gary Larson)
- Box Brown (wonderfully nice guy who also had his comics printed on newsprint. Mmm!)
- Allan Norico (amazing artist straight from NYC)
- Miriam Libicki (superb painting talent)
- Ryan North
- Megan Baehr
- Colin Tedford
- Offshore Comix
- The Bazaarium
- Last, but certainly not least is me and my wife's mutual friend, Tea, who was very generous in letting us stay at her place that weekend. You can check out her website here.

People I am deeply sad I missed:
Kate Beaton (my new favorite webcomic that I discovered after just about everyone else did)
Randall Munroe (great comic for programmers)

If there is anyone I missed who came across this blog or got one of my Movie Sketches, please comment and I'll add a link to your website!

Also: Nikki and I saw Wicked on Broadway! It was amazing! Loved the woman who played Glinda the Good, as well as the voice of the guy who played Elphaba's father.

Edit: Did I mention I got to see freaking Al Jaffee!? Because that made my day.