Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last week, Nikki and I did our taxes at H&R Block. Luckily, our tax returns ended up to be a substantial amount. Enough to cover the car repair payments, with some left over that we could go out and buy a sofa (so we can throw out our broken futon).

Well, yesterday kind of nulled that. I bent down to grab some cleaning supplies from the bathroom sink, and as I stood up (fairly quickly) my head caught the edge of our glass medicine cabinet. I nailed the corner of it on the top right side of my scalp. I thought I had just had a good bump on the head until I discovered my hand holding my head was covered in blood. Thank God Nikki was there because stupid me would have taken a shower, slapped on a bandage, and gone about my day. We called Nikki's father who is a neuroradiologist, and he said I'll need some stitches as the cut was about an inch long and a fairly deep one at that. We get to the hospital and three hours later, I have five shiny staples in my head. I thought they would shave my head, but I guess not (I'm kinda grateful as it would be quite humbling to host at a restaurant with this bald, metallic spot on top of my head).(I'll spare you the pre-stapled cut picture)

My wife was panicked and having a bit of an anxiety attack until she met up with me again in my hospital room. Meanwhile, my biggest worry was money and if the restaurant would hold up with just one hostess on a busy night. Honestly, it could be worse. I briefly shared the room with a man who had barely missed being killed by a slab of marble falling off a truck and into his car. You just never know when something will happen. You can be driving back from a haircut, or in my case, trying to clean the bathroom.

Now here's some sketches for you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things might be looking up now :)

I had the fortune of finding my cousin on linkedin, who works for an architecture firm in Portland, OR. I also grabbed some contacts from fellow SCAD alumni, so now I'm slowly getting the hang of networking. I'm really looking into doing something in the storytelling field, such as storyboarding. I think I'd have more fun collaborating with writers and artists in order to come up with an awesome story than producing concept art. At least not now. I feel my strong suit is storytelling with comedy and horror. I still need to work on my art skills.

Also, a local job position is opening up that I really want and can get. Most likely, I'll be taking a pay cut from less hours at the restaurant, but I'd rather work somewhere related to my field of interest.

Speaking of artwork, got a quickie for ya.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Art dump!

I called my dad today, and he asked why I hadn't updated recently. I honestly can't say why. I never have experienced an HR rep at a prospective company snapping at me when I called to check up on the application process. By this point, I had already had the interview and was told I would hear back from them in a week. By the next week, I had not heard anything, so I called to check. I got a quick "We'll call you." And that was it.

Luckily, my hours have picked back up at the restaurant. Unfortunately, my wife's hours have picked up as well, and she's being stretched thin by her two jobs (and our one car). So we're making good money this month, but it's an hour commute roundtrip to the restaurant (and it's not uncommon that we have to make at least two trips per day). I guess it helps that our local comic store has been hit with hard times, and so we're not spending half our paychecks on Fables or Batman issues.

My mother is trying out for a mini-triathlon this fall, and considering when it takes place (aside from my birthday) it will be a huge milestone for her because it will have been about a year since she's recovered from breast cancer. I'm very proud of my sister, as she's smart with finding a good guy to date, and starting on new activities she's passionate about, such as musical theater. She also just turned 17, and I believe she now has her driver's license. Before I went to college and moved in with my wife, she hadn't started highschool yet and I think she had just gotten her braces. How the time flies.

In two weeks, my wife and I are off to see a She + Him concert in Savannah (I think we're mostly seeing it so we can possibly meet Zooey). In late April, I'll be up in NC with my folks to see a traveling tour of Wicked, as well as catching up with old friends. It'll be a great week!

Don't want to leave you without some art, so here ya go!One of the contests for our art jam was to combine two characters from the 80s and/or 90s. Took Princess Peach from Mario Bros. and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Cammy is just too fun to not draw.
Marth and Ike from the Fire Emblem series, but you can find both on the latest of the Smash Bros. series. Uh, and this is Jigglypuff as a carnivore.

Vega from the Street Fighter series. I took a cue from John K's animation school, and drew this in the same way I drew Zangief two posts previous to this one. I believe I will color it soon.

Perspective and proportion study with Mario!

A little Star Wars comic I came up with (and perhaps an explanation as to why Anakin chose the Dark Side).
Couldn't resist a little cheesecake.
Toad from the X-Men a la 1960s era. Or at least how I imagine him (without the goofy costume).