Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things might be looking up now :)

I had the fortune of finding my cousin on linkedin, who works for an architecture firm in Portland, OR. I also grabbed some contacts from fellow SCAD alumni, so now I'm slowly getting the hang of networking. I'm really looking into doing something in the storytelling field, such as storyboarding. I think I'd have more fun collaborating with writers and artists in order to come up with an awesome story than producing concept art. At least not now. I feel my strong suit is storytelling with comedy and horror. I still need to work on my art skills.

Also, a local job position is opening up that I really want and can get. Most likely, I'll be taking a pay cut from less hours at the restaurant, but I'd rather work somewhere related to my field of interest.

Speaking of artwork, got a quickie for ya.

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