Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Think I about finished the website

It took me much longer than I had anticipated to finish the website design (this was essentially my first professional commission), but I can now show the background image. I'll post the rest of the people a bit later (it's getting a bit late here, and I haven't downsized some of the images to low-res jpgs yet).
As for personal going-ons, our spike in business has slipped away with the holidays and now I'm once again seeking employment in addition to my day job. However, there is a consolation that makes the sequential art kid inside me jump for joy: a new comic store called Atomic Comics run by a terrific guy (Bear Delahunt) opened up just behind my neighborhood. I can take a 5-10 minute bike ride to get all the comics I need.

Wait. This may be a bad thing . . .