Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back from SCAD's Comic Forum

It's kind of late, so I'll be quick. I had an awesome time visiting Norris Hall at SCAD. It's so great to be around fellow artists who are so passionate about the work they do! Below are some sketches I did during my freetime there. My portfolio with John Proctor went really well, and I learned some things about merchandising yourself at conventions. I still hope to go to the NY Con this February, as well as move back down to Savannah.

For those that have watched Spider-Man 3:

Good ol' Voldemort and his lack of dental hygiene.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Off to the Comic Arts Forum!!

Sorry about the absence of posts! Here's a pic I did for a book that will hopefully be published at some point.

Tomorrow I leave for Savannah to visit Nikki and to participate the Comic Arts Forum! I'll be going to Mark Schultz's workshop, as well as one tutored by Jennie Breeden. Not only that, but I'll get a portfolio review with John Proctor!

Oh! I forgot! Here's an older drawing I did. First time really getting full use out of the light box . . . I still liked my penciled version best.