Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back from SCAD's Comic Forum

It's kind of late, so I'll be quick. I had an awesome time visiting Norris Hall at SCAD. It's so great to be around fellow artists who are so passionate about the work they do! Below are some sketches I did during my freetime there. My portfolio with John Proctor went really well, and I learned some things about merchandising yourself at conventions. I still hope to go to the NY Con this February, as well as move back down to Savannah.

For those that have watched Spider-Man 3:

Good ol' Voldemort and his lack of dental hygiene.

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josh said...

Hey hey!

Long time no see. Sorry I missed you at the Comics Art Forum.

Next time you're in Savannah we should hang, totally old school.


Anyway, I'd say check my blog as well, but I haven't updated for 7 months; however, I am fixin' for some renovations soon.

Anyway, good to see another Sequential grad still alive and kicking.