Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holidays and news

I apologize for not updating since . . . uh, September? Geez. Well, life has been moving along at a pretty slow pace. It doesn't help that we're on our toes about our Disney trip that's in thirteen days. Our holiday plans have suffered because of it, and we won't be seeing family for Thanksgiving, but hopefully we may try to work something out for Christmas. But we will be spending this festive Thursday with our boss; which isn't as bad as it sounds since he can really cook. I'm just looking forward to yams and apple pie. Those are the highlights of my Thanksgiving.

I didn't post on here in a while due to not having almost any artwork to show. But I'm doing a sort of "secret santa" fanart gift and I finished it today. I think I'm safe to give you guys an early preview. (You might also want to be aware that I'm a big Batman nerd)