Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love Mondays

My wife took out my staples on her own with a special tool. No, it didn't hurt and it took about a minute to do. So yay for saving money! Still dreading the hospital bill, as it hasn't come in the mail yet. Come to think of it, neither has our census form. Hmmm...

Both of us were able to get the last two Mondays off work, so we used our rare time together to go to the Columbia Zoo last week and Charleston to meet Nikki's parents this week as kind of a anniversary collaboration (our anniversaries are just a week apart).

EDIT: I wrote practically five pages of info on our trips, only to find out after hitting "Submit" that I had been logged out and nothing was saved. So here's the short version.

The Columbia Zoo
- Flamingos smell
- Baboons make horrible fathers
- I'd hate to be a toucan living at the zoo (I mean, how many times a day are you going to hear something related to Froot Loops before you go stark-raving mad?)
- I saw a lemur I thought was dead. It looked like this.- I saw a penguin who acted like he was going to take on everyone at the zoo. He was my favorite. He looked like this.- I'd hate to work at the zoo.

- Good times with father-in-law
- Great pizza
- Great dinner w/ swordfish

Last weekend had awesome SCAD grad pop over to visit during Editor's Day.

That weekend, I drew these!