Monday, July 26, 2010

Wonder Woman and Disney

The Disney trip is only months away! We're somewhere in the 40-50% range in saving up for the trip! And we're purchasing our tickets this month. If I had more time off, I'd go see Inception, but alas, I had the opportunity to hang out with one of my co-workers and his family to see Despicable Me.

My parents visited last week, and so we were treated to dinner, and in return we took them to this amazing place that serves fresh, custom doughnuts on the island.
Aside from all this, not much to report. We're losing one of the hostesses, but training two more. So hopefully me and Nicole will have some free time together soon. Nicole's been superbusy training, doing admin work, pulling longer shifts, etc. to get her vacation pay. I've just been trying to stimulate myself inbetween work, sleep and finding a good time to eat.

I haven't posted for a while because I always to leave new artwork, and I have to be honest; I didn't draw much this month. Finally I popped a good Wonder Woman drawing and had the time to color it. The drawing took maybe 2-3 hrs to draw because I had no reference and kept changing her outfit and hands. Coloring usually takes me 1-3 hrs, depending on my mood. I've found that I really enjoy coloring, and I hope I can learn some better techniques.

Anyway, here ya go.