Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First full digital art

Hello, everyone! Not a whole lot to report. I am picking up a second job nearby since my hours at the restaurant have been cut. Been drawing a lot (and I apologize for not posting most of it) and trying my hand at digital penciling. Not exactly as fun as using a pencil, but I now have clean lines to fill in with color, saving a lot of time. For example, I did an age chart for Zoey and Milly. Didn't think these two were going to appear again, but I have fun drawing them, so here they are. My first completely digital drawings.

Zoey is the more child-like of the two. She's a bit ditzy, but has a good heart. She likes to dance in her room and tell poop jokes. Her favorite movie is Princess Bride. After college, she mellows out, meets a great guy named Dave and becomes a mom while working at a software design firm.

Milly is the more independent-minded of the two. After being kicked out of nearby public schools, her parents sent her to a Catholic boarding school for a few years. Although incredibly bright, she often got into trouble for voicing her opinions and vandalizing Wal-Mart. She is highly creative, and after dropping out of college, she spends her days selling homemade appliances, starting a political blog, and hosting study group sessions for the local college.

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