Sunday, April 10, 2011

State of Anxiety

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There have been changes in management at work in the past month, and so things are getting a little . . . hectic right now.

A few good things:

Nicole is taking some trial shifts at a wonderful bakery where she'll hopefully be hired full time at.

Our friends Bear and Amy got married (and we helped!)

More people we know are with child now.

Zoey, one of our rats, had a tumor but we did have that removed at a much lower price than expected.

I made at least one new art -- Red Sonja (apparently they're making a movie starring Rose McGowan to play the She-Devil With a Sword)
Edit: See what happens with a little contrast bump?
Sorry my Disney post has been all delayed. I have something like four pages just on our second day and it's not even finished yet.

Don't know where things are headed right now. They could be better, but they could be much, much worse. Only time will tell I suppose.

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