Friday, June 3, 2011

Some more stuff

Well, life is full of ups and downs. This month has been an example. Things at work have been much like a rollercoaster, and same here. Nicole's grandmother died, our car was rear-ended, Nicole did not get the baking job (no one's really sure why), and one of our rats has a tumor. On the other hand, I have been actively drawing more and pushing my stuff out. I have to admit, when things go bad at work, I tend to produce more art. I guess it is a healing medium for me after all.

My sister's graduating from high school next week, so I'm looking forward to spending the weekend back home! We're also still planning a week-long trip in Syracuse in late summer. And I'm really pushing for spending Christmas in Ohio with my family. I've been pushing my work a bit more, and thinking about starting a project with some former SCADites.

That said, here's some stuff (some of it was requested by others).

Diana in a bikini just dancing to music. Tried out a new color method, and I like how it came out.
This is actually quite a few months ago, but I still really like the personality that came out of this little sketch. So I scanned it, put in some shading, and slapped it on here.

Samus from my attempt to draw some video game girls as sexy and cool and battle-worn and all that. (this piece is older than the above ones)

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