Monday, June 2, 2008

First Day of Summer!

Ah, my first taste of summer! I have to say, it's dangerously relaxing not having to worry about homework or upcoming projects. But that shall not stop me from drawing! Here's a sample from today's sketchpad that I colored.

Graduation was very long and I don't think anyone came out of the Civic Center (where our ceremony was being held) without nodding off at some point. And to make matters worse, they said my name was "Sarah Ross Williams!" D'oh! Oh well. I can do nothing but laugh about it now, knowing that I will forever remember graduation day.

I obtained a summer job at a local bed & breakfast which is quite a nice place and the owner is very sweet and charismatic. And it's the best paying job I've had so far! Still, I'll be looking for a secondary job if I ever want to help my dad purchase a car for me.

I got so many checks from relatives and I can't thank them enough for their support. The money will really help with my NY trip and living in Savannah this summer. I have to check out restaurants and tours in Savannah so I can recommend places for customers. I look at this as an opportunity to start on my pet project, a Savannah sketch journal.

Let's see where this goes!

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