Monday, June 9, 2008

New Movies and New Job

My summer job at the Catherine-Ward House Inn is great! It's run by people who go out of their way to put the customer first. I have never worked at a place that's so personal with its clients. On my first day, I was paid to go on an Old Savannah Tour to get some town info.

Here's some new tips I heard from our guide, who was really nice and kept promoting his daughter, who is a waitress at Six Pence Pub (an excellent place to dine in Savannah):
1. The tombstones within the Colonial Cemetery cannot be trusted to mark who lies where. During General Sherman's stay in Savannah, some of the Union soldiers set up quarters in the graveyard. At some point, they would get rowdy and drunk (the average age for a soldier was sixteen) and would destroy or misplace gravestones. So to this day no one knows exactly who's buried where, but apparently there are a lot more bodies in the ground than there are tombstones.
2. The Kehoe House was bought by Joe Namath in 1980 and he was planning on turning it into a bachelor pad/disco. Well, knowing the Historical Society of Savannah, and just any of the well-to-do citizens in Savannah, that was not going to fly. I'm guessing they protested enough to disallow him from turning a historic landmark into a disco, but what I thought was neat was the scrolling on the exterior of the house looks like painted wood, but is in fact steel.
3. This isn't really a historical fact as so much it is just plain creepy. The Mulberry Inn on the corner of Bay and Houston St used to be an old horse stable. At some point, it caught fire and killed the horses inside. On certain nights, guests and employees alike have attested to hearing the neighing of frightened horses. Now if that ain't creepy, I don't know what is.

But going back to the job, it's very relaxing as I'm doing a lot of manual labor like gardening. I haven't had much experience in it, but I loved digging through the dirt and finding earthworms and pillbugs. The owners kept coming outside and checking up on me, as it was pretty hot out, but I loved sitting in the garden bed.

I saw a ton of movies this week! Iron Man, Speed Racer, Indiana Jones 4, not to mention the old ones for nostalgia's sake. I also bought Big Trouble in Little China and one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time, John Carpenter's The Thing!

Unfortunately, it's late, and I have no recent drawings to post here, so for now, here's some pics of me and the family, along with my beautiful fiancee, Nikki.

[from top, clockwise: me, Nikki, Kelli (my sister), Lisa (my mom)][from top, clockwise: Kent (my dad), me, Nikki, Kelli]

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lisa said...

interesting tidbits you learned while riding the Trolley. And you like garden work. Hmm! Dad and I will remember that the next time you come home.